Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cluster-2 budding cricketers: the fielding captain

All of the cricket mad youngsters of Purbachal cluster-2 are very attentive when they hear an elder giving them tips on cricket. I can even see some of them making an attempt to immediately fit in the advice in their game.
[It is another thing that they watch a T20 match in the evening and then forget all about it].
There is one guy, however, who simply loves fielding. He not only enjoys catching and chasing balls, he absorbs advices on fielding so well that I found him trying to follow the discussions we had on ground fielding (on Bandh day - 28th Feb) 5 days later.


Today morning I found that he had asked one of our drivers to throw the ball at him on Chhatimtala chatal while he kept stopping them.

"Picking balls on left with left hand and balls in right with the right."
"Try to catch the ball with both palms, as far as possible."
"Making sure that the leg is behind the arm that picks up the ball - 2nd line of defence in case the pick up is not clean."
"Using the body as a second stop line wherever possible."

These were some of the things about ground fielding we discussed on 28th Feb....and here he was practising some of those tips on March 4th.
Sayan made my day. His natural interest in being a good fielder were reflected in today's efforts.

Soon enough the unstoppable Abir joined him...and as usual the talented kid did a rather good job of stopping balls (for a person of his age).

Some pix I clicked of the 2 brothers:

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